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May 11th, 2017    

Week 85: Can Shula Handle This?

Week 85 of Undrafted is here! Rookie Mini-Camp is over, and some significant moves have been made in the Panthers' front office. Join Alex and D'Rell for some craft beer and all Panther news from the past week. Included in the discussion is the pivotal question: Can Mike Shula make the best use of these new weapons on offense? Also:

-Manu Ginobili doesn't age

Plaxico Burress' open letter to current NFL players

-KB's weight

-Brandon Beane's departure


May 4th, 2017    

Week 84: Best. Draft. Ever?

Join Alex and D'Rell for a full review of an eventful week for the Panthers, including:

-Dave Gettleman's drafting prowess

-Panthers picking up KB's fifth year option

-The release of Tre Boston

-A breakdown of all of the Panthers' 2017 draft. Is this Dave's best draft ever?

We're cracking open a seasonal beer and letting the draft talk flow. Join in!



April 27th, 2017    

Week 83: NFL Draft Preview

Undrafted is back and the audio quality is oh so good!

It's time for the Undrafted 2017 NFL Draft preview! We are joined by special guest Thomas to discuss the Panthers, draft rumors, hypothetical scenarios, and why we're ready for the draft to get here already.

Lend an ear and find out who we want in the first and second rounds, whether trading up or back is a good idea, and who we believe are the can't-miss prospects.

As always, catch us on Twitter @Undrafted_CLT, @AlexBZ711, @JaySulli212 and undraftedpodcast@gmail.com

Thanks for listening!


April 22nd, 2017    

FIXED AUDIO - Week 82: Aaron Hernandez, Panthers Draft

Sorry for the audio issues, everyone! This is why we were Undrafted. It's mostly fixed, but still not the top shelf audio quality you have come to know and love from us. That'll be back next week.

Join Alex and D'Rell for discussion about Aaron Hernandez, the Panthers' draft, KK Short's new contract, and much more!


April 14th, 2017    

Week 81: What Can the Panthers Learn From the Tar Heels?

Undrafted is back! Crack a beer and join us. On this week's run-down:

- UNC and NC State being removed from the ACC

- Man runs a half marathon while chugging beers

- Rich Cho gets another year

- Panthers NFL Draft talk

For the main topic of the evening, Alex and D'Rell discuss what lessons the Panthers can learn from the 2017 National Champion UNC Tar Heels.


March 31st, 2017    

Week 80: Is Dave Doing Enough For Cam?

Crack open a beer and lend an ear! Undrafted is back this week as Alex and D'Rell discuss:

-The Failcons and the delayed opening of the Sphincter Dome

-Leonard Fournette confirmed if available at #8?

-Ron Rivera's comments about Cam's confidence

The main topic for the evening revolves around what Dave Gettleman and Ron Rivera have done thus far to put Cam Newton in the best position. Alex and D'Rell discuss the drafts, free agency, and trades that have directly affected Cam's performance as a Panther.

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March 23rd, 2017    

Week 79: The Prodigal Carolina Son Returns

Undrafted is back! Let's crack open another local brew and chat about nothing but Panthers News!

- Cam's shoulder injury and what it means

- Julius Peppers' return

- The return of a few other familiar faces

- Did the Panthers overpay for Matt Kalil?

- Who's going to step up this year at WR?

Lend an ear and then find us on Twitter:





March 2nd, 2017    

Week 77: Fournette For Us?

It's a special FaceTime version of Undrafted! Inclement weather in Charlotte didn't slow us down this week. Here's what's on tap:

-A new South Carolina brew

-Kyrie Irving is a Flat Earther, Duke grads everywhere weep

-A controversial transgender situation in Texas high school wrestling

-What will the Panthers do at defensive end this coming season?

-Is Michael Oher done, and is Matt Kalil a good replacement?

The final topic for the evening is the ever-interesting debate over whether the Panthers should take Leonard Fournette if he is available in the first round. What does he bring to the table, and what are his weaknesses? Undrafted breaks it down for you and comes to a strong conclusion.

Lend an ear and crack a beer!





February 16th, 2017    

Week 76: Cho’s Gotta Go?!

Undrafted is back for another week! Tune in to hear D'Rell's outlandish opinion about spiders and their presence in his home, among other things, including:

-Donald Trump's March Madness bracket

-A big return and a big departure in MMA

-Prescription drugs, weed, and sports

The main topic for the evening is whether Cho needs to go as a result of the Hornets' disappointing season. To end the episode, Alex and D'Rell engage in some NFL Draft talk and profile a couple of players that could be on the Panthers' radar.

Don't forget to check out Foothills brewery and their People's Porter.

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February 9th, 2017    

Week 75: The GOAT and the Failcons

It's a great week to be Undrafted! Alex and D'Rell are here to discuss:

-The new hot NBA rivalry in the East?

-Ads on NBA jerseys next season

-March Madness possibly going away because of HB2

Plus, Alex and D'Rell break down and enjoy the glorious collapse of the Atlanta Falcons! Afterward, D'Rell talks Duke/UNC and calls an old friend of the podcast to get another perspective. Lend an ear, and find Undrafted on:

Twitter: @Undrafted_CLT, @jaysulli212, AlexBZ711

Instagram: @undraftedpodcast


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