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August 17th, 2017    

Week 96: Byrd Is The Word

Week 96 of Undrafted has arrived, and we're here to discuss all things Panthers and anything else that comes up, including:

-Damiere Byrd's performance against Houston

-Thomas Davis' contract extension

-Who deserves the next statue outside of BoA Stadium?

-New defensive schemes under Wilks

-How Cam looks in practice

-Shout out and well wishes to The Nature Boy Ric Flair!


Lend an ear, crack open a beer, and join us!

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August 9th, 2017    

Week 95: Football Is Back, Cam/Curry Comparisons, and The Dream Team


Rejoice. We've made it. Alex and D'Rell of Undrafted are here to discuss the Panthers' home pre-season opener against Houston, Cam Newton's completion percentage, and D'Rell reminiscing on the good ol' days.

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August 4th, 2017    

Week 94: Hurney Is Here To Stay & Camp Impressions

It's time for another week of Undrafted!

We are one week away from Panther Football, and Alex and D'Rell are back to discuss all the hot topics from this week:

- Marty Hurney's expected "tenure" with the team this time around

- What would it take for Marty to be let go at the end of this coming seasom

- Injury concerns in training camp

- The performance of the offensive line

- D'Rell's long-term man-crush on CMC

And much more! Crack a beer and lend an ear.


July 27th, 2017    

Week 93: Revisiting Gettleman and Training Camp Preview

Week 93 of Undrafted is here!

We're talking about the Gettleman firing and our feelings after letting the news marinate for another week.

Also, tune in for a Training Camp preview. We are discussing which players and position groups are most intriguing, and who we want to make the team.

Football is officially back, fall beers are around the corner, and we're ready to get it started. Lend an ear and join us!


July 20th, 2017    

Week 92: Gettlemania Is Dead

The Apocalypse is here!

Dave Gettleman is out. Marty Hurney is in.

You're not dreaming. What is happening?

Undrafted is here to try to sort it all out. Crack open a beer and join us!


June 29th, 2017    

Week 91: A Wild Week in Charlotte Sports

Undrafted is back and bringing discussion on the week that was in Charlotte, including:

-The Dwight Howard trade and how he fits into the team's scheme

-Malik Monk and our amazement that the right pick was made

-Who has us more excited? Malik Monk or RUN CMC?

-Bill Voth's article about Cam Newton

-Why does Cam catch so much hell for being himself?

Also tune in to find out what's making D'Rell feel old this week and a "last call" question that has us traveling back to 2003.


June 21st, 2017    

Week 90: Dwight Howard-Free Draft Preview & Panthers Camp Notes

Undrafted is back for another week, and we're light on the Panthers but heavy on Hornets draft talk. We recorded mere minutes before the trade with Atlanta, so tune in next week for our thoughts on that. However, stick around this week for discussion about players we want the Hornets to draft, players we think they probably will draft, and scenarios where the team moves up or back in the draft. Also we close out the night with yet another...interesting...question from D'Rell.


June 8th, 2017    

Week 89: Hornets Draft Strategy (Blow it up?) Plus OTAs, Bradberry, Turner

Join Alex and D'Rell for another week of Undrafted! This week we discuss whether the Hornets just need to blow the team up and start again...or stay put and make a smart pick at #11. For Panthers news, we cover:

-Notes from OTAs (competition between the units, who's standing out)

-James Bradberry's fractured wrist

-Thoughts on Trai Turner and his contract negotiations

-PLUS stick around for a very interesting "last call" question from D'Rell!


June 2nd, 2017    

Week 88: Panthers OTAs, Gettleman’s Philosophy, 89, covfefe & MORE!

Crack open a beer and join us for another episode of Undrafted! Alex and D'Rell go unscripted on this episode and talk all kinds of topics, and some of them are even Panthers related! Lend an ear for discussion about:

-The demise of ESPN

-Who's standing out at OTAs?

-Curtis Samuel needs to call up a certain...Agent...

-Why does Dave Gettleman operate the way he does with the D-tackles?

-What would Steve Smith's one-day contract singing/retirement look like?

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May 26th, 2017    

Week 87: Should We Be Concerned About KB’s Weight?

Welcome to another week of Undrafted! We're back to bring you all the Panthers and Hornets news from the week, plus much more! Topics this week include:

-Kelvin Benjamin shows up to OTAs overweight

-Charlotte is granted the 2019 All-Star Game

-What should the Hornets do with pick #11 in the draft?

-Panthers offensive line

-Cam's flamboyant off-season


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